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Manjari (BK), Pune - 412307 (Maharashtra) India

**NAAC Accredited**

Approved by AICTE, New Delhi No. 740-89-316 E/ET/98 (Year of Establishment - 1998)

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune | DTE Code: 6206 | Pune Uni. Code: 4026(Engg.) 1223(MBA)

Publication of Student

Name of Student - Doke Shrirang Amabadas

Patent filed for - Removable Charging Pin Mechanism.

  • Patents filed (Process and Product):

    Name of Student- Doke Shrirang Ambadas.

    Class - Third Year, Mechanical Engineering (2016-17)

    Name of Research Patent -Removable charging pin mechanism

    Application No.201621031136 A, Date - January 2017

  • Original research contributing to product improvement:

    Abstract of Innovation - Disclosed is a removable charging mechanism for rechargeable devices that includes a base structure defined by a vertical portion and a horizontal portion. The vertical portion has an outer cylinder member configured thereon. The outer cylinder member has a first end portion and a second end portion. The first end portion receives a charging pin of an external charger. The second end portion receives an inner cylinder member that contains a conducting metallic rod centrally positioned therein using a first pair of springs. The inner cylinder member connects to a pivot. The removable charging mechanism includes a first iron core and a second iron core. The first iron core has a first electromagnetic coil wound thereon and also includes a pair of rods that receives a second pair of springs. The second iron core positions on the second pair of springs. The second iron core has a second electromagnetic coil wound thereon

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Pune District Education Association's
College of Engineering, Manjari (Bk)
Hadapsar - Wagholi Road,
Taluka: Haveli, Dist: Pune - 412 307

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